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It’s something Tom had been planning for a while, finding the flexibility of studying with RHT the perfect solution alongside his training commitments.

Tom said; "I had known about Rob and all his courses for a long-time due to the very good reputation he's built up but had been waiting for the right time to jump on a course!"

"I think naturally the health and fitness courses go hand in hand with my football career, with the constant demands that we are at peak fitness ourselves, but also the nature of both industry's means I can begin to build a client base and positive reputation as a PT alongside my football."

The health and fitness industry is something Tom has naturally been interested in, so the opportunity to gain formally recognised qualifications was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Having always taken a big interest in the strength and conditioning aspect of my own football and the massive impact being a better athlete can clearly have on performance, I wanted to formalise that interest and take it further!"

"The flexibility of the course with RHT worked perfectly for me and made the whole process very easy and enjoyable."

When it came down to the learning itself, Tom praised the experience and expertise the RHT Tutors brought to the courses he studied.

"With a slight background knowledge of the course content I was able to pick up the information pretty quickly, however any topics that needed work were always comprehensively covered by the tutors."

"I'm very excited as to where I take the qualification, having already begun with some clients, I will look to continually build alongside my football career."

Whilst a simple initial step to enquire with Rob Horswell Training, Tom revealed the courses and qualifications have opened a number of doors and opportunities for him to explore.

"It has definitely been a big positive for me completing the course whilst playing football. I think it is so important to stay occupied around football so as not to get too single minded and complacent."

"Football is only a relatively short career, so to be able to establish a good reputation and gain years of experience now will stand me in a good place for the future beyond professional football."

And Tom had a final word of advice for other people considering taking up a course with RHT.

"I would say to anyone considering any of the RHT courses not to hesitate, once you begin it is clear how rewarding they are and also enjoyable, both during and post qualification!"

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