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Having worked in the health and fitness industry for 20 years I have never known a time like we are currently experiencing. I entered the industry with an overwhelming desire to help and support people through the health and fitness goals, and this has never changed or decreased. With current announcements of restricted movements of individuals, it is even more important for us to keep our physical fitness, mental fitness and social wellness going. Yes, these things will need to be achieved through different ways to what we previously did, and this can be accomplished, we can stay positive and continue to progress, and hopefully help others along the way.

This short term sacrifice of the individual is to help the long term of the many.

I still desperately want to continue to help people, this is where my passion lies and as such, with the help of my team we have come up with alternative arrangements for all those we work with to continue to gain their personal gaols.

Please see below the actions we have put in place to allow us to help you to train, to learn, to progress.


School Programmes:

 All programmes will continue to run. Lessons will be run remotely; you will have lessons on the same days at the same times where you will sign in with your tutor who will take you through the content of the lesson. There will be tasks for you to complete and to be submitted to your tutor, these will work towards your final award. We will be able to guide you through and ensure you all complete and achieve your full qualification.

We ask you to stay focused and remain in contact with your tutor to allow us to help and guide you through this difficult time.

Please contact your course tutor if you have any questions.


Private Courses:

 Every course we offer will still be on offer, we have all courses available on our online portal, this will enable you to start or continue to study with us. Your tutor will be on hand with video calls and video lectures along with online tutorials, and video conferencing being used for practical demonstrations. All work can be submitted electronically. You will receive full tutor support with regular check ins and updates throughout the duration of the programme.

Any people who may have started a course and be working through it when the news was announced will be able to continue through to full completion and certification, please contact your programme tutor if you have any questions.


Personal Training Services:

It is with great sadness that we will have to suspend all our contact sessions with clients, but this does not mean that we stop training and more importantly does not mean that we stop helping and supporting you, we have committed to helping you achieve your goals and this has not changed and will still be our driving force through these unprecedented times. As such we will be offering a number of ways to continue to help you with your training, this will range from online videos and tips for you to follow at home, personalised training plans for you to follow as well as live online training sessions.

We can discuss how best to help you going forward, we will not be leaving you on your own now.


I would like to take a minute to thank all of you and to say what a pleasure it is to work in an industry I love and with the best clients there are. We will all continue, we will all move forward and we will all be stronger when we come out the other-side; stronger physically and mentally.

Stay strong and stay safe.