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Maximise your potential.

RHT is experienced with working with a wide range of sports of all levels from club to international competition.

Our ability to adapt programmes to improve performance in specific sporting events has led clients to improve their rankings and sporting achievements. CONTACT us now for your FREE consultation as to how we can achieve your ambition!




Current Offer- PRE-SEASON Package

Pre-season is a key time for athletes of all ages and abilities, in and out of the professional game, to prepare physically and mentally for the campaign ahead.

At Rob Horswell Training, our team of highly qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches supply and deliver sessions to teams across sports; from football to rugby, assisting groups and individuals to reach their goals and targets.

Our package includes a structured programme to cover whole of pre-season; it’s not a one off. We’re here to deliver on long term aims and objectives. Pay £250 for 5 sessions to be delivered to your team of up to 20 players and you’ll see the instant impact.

Our sessions will be devised to match the age of groups and teams, planned around the five basic principles:

1) speed
2) power
3) strength
4) endurance
5) agility

Besides planning sessions, our team deliver and ensure participants are given correct nutritional information focused on:

Key age groups
Health and wellbeing

Start the conversation with us now and let’s see what we can do to propel your club, look after your players and professionalise your coaching environment:

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